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She would meet with friends and discuss literature; those who were writers would share their works with the group.

Laurence's years in college not only shaped her from an academic perspective, they also provided opportunities for her to develop creatively and professionally.

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Please feel free to browse our site and enjoy the experience - if you would prefer to reach out to us by phone, please feel free to contact us at 1-888-350-4873.She showed promise and success in her early literary pursuits.During her undergrad, Laurence had at least eighteen poems, three short stories, and a critical essay published.Another of Laurence's achievements during her first year of college was being welcomed into the English Club, an organization of senior students who discussed poetry, led by professor Arthur L. This was her first time being around peers who were also passionate about literature, and it was an opportunity for her to expand her knowledge as both scholar and writer."Tony's", a part-cafeteria, part-coffee shop in the basement of United College, was another important place for Laurence to share her literary interests with colleagues.New floor toppings and housekeeping pads were installed for the new membrane filtration equipment.

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