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The season again features Lythgoe, who also serves as executive producer, and ballroom expert Mary Murphy as the two permanent members of the judge's panel while Cat Deeley continues in her role as host for a tenth consecutive season.

Contemporary dancer Ricky Ubeda won the competition, and his prizes include 0,000, the chance to appear on the cover of Dance Spirit magazine, the offer of a role in the 2014 Broadway revival of the musical On the Town as choreographed by one of this season's guest choreographers, Joshua Bergasse, and the title of America's Favorite Dancer. This season saw the show eliminate interactive viewer participation by telephone, with producers preferring to divert weekly voting to the show's website and the network's new proprietary smartphone app, a process that reduced the overall number of votes each participating viewer could cast each week.

In a change from the procedure of the previous nine seasons, in which post-open-audition callbacks were held in Las Vegas and referenced collectively as "Vegas Week", season 11's callbacks were held in Los Angeles, with no special nomenclature.

The hit film has sparked spirited discussions at showings in Atlanta and across the country.“When people see two masculine women together, they can’t process that.In the love department, dapper studs date sultry femmes, according to decades-old cultural rules that have a particularly strong foothold among black LGBT women. More masculine-presenting black lesbians are embracing the idea of romance between butch women.Stud for stud – or S4S – women are showing up on TV shows, forming online groups and openly turning their backs on rules that say Ms. Insiders say such relationships are old news among whites.In an interview with After Elton, Travis said that two of them, Travis and Nick, are gay, and the other two are straight.He said the show will include “a Glee moment every show, where there will be a dance number at the end of it, and it’s like showing the process, lifting the curtain on how choreographers create a piece and how we live together.” Also in the interview, Travis discusses his relationship with gymnast Dom Palange (“first like actual boyfriend and actual relationship”), confirming he’s gay but saying, “I’ve never made a big statement like, ‘Oh I’m gay.’ It’s like if you know you know, and I’ve never been afraid to not say something on Twitter.Asked about executive producer Nigel Lythgoe, he praises what Nigel has done for dance, but also said, “I also have to thank [SYTYCD] co-executive producer Jeff Thacker.

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