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So much of what the tests identified were things we already knew about him.

I had pretty much decided that he was just a really intelligent boy with no use for schoolwork.

He finds them more forgiving and social encounters are much more relaxed. My son always tested just short of the gifted program, but homework was such a chore he would sit at the table and cry for hours rather than do it.

Getting the evaluation and knowing now why has given us strategies now to help him do the work.

Sue :smile: I just thought of the Social aspect of this disorder.

My son had a best friend who gradually distanced himself from my son as he became more socially disfunctional because he is the kid of kid who does not confront or give criticism readily.

It seems that when a child with NVLD or AS is having social problems, friends who give them realisitc feedback is truly their best friend.

Since Best Friend is now letting my son know when he goes too far rather than relying on body language to convey this, the social issue is almost forgotten.

My son also seeks out other "hinkey" kids to hang out with.

U–Pb and Hf-isotope studies on detrital zircons provide an important independent constraint on the palaeogeography of the South China Block in the context of the breakup of Rodinia and the subsequent assembly of Gondwana in late Neoproterozoic time, and insights into the relationship between the Cathaysia and Yangtze blocks.

Analyses of recombination sites (RSs) in five regions of the genome (one third of the full sequence) showed that the protein 1 (P1 gene) had recombined more frequently than the other gene regions in both subpopulations, but that the RSs were located in different parts of the genomes of the subpopulations.

He will whisper to himself when he needs to talk about something outloud to work it out.

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