Older men dating younger women pics who is pooja bedi dating


Of course, she sleeps with some of them, too, although she insists that’s not what they pay for. “If somebody asks what I’m doing tonight, I just say I’m meeting a friend, or I’m meeting a guy,” admits the CUNY coed majoring in computer science. They hooked up for a few months before he began giving her gifts and cash which gave her the idea to pad her bank account by playing the field.

“Most of these guys just want to meet and have a drink,” Andrea says.Lovely Phillips is the picture of a busy college junior. “I only get along with older men,” says Phillips, an aspiring celebrity stylist living in Chelsea, who’s been dating a 60-year-old she met online for the last seven months.When the 20-year-old isn’t taking classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology, or acing her serve on the tennis court, the stunning curvy fashion student meets her father for dinner and a show. “Older gentlemen are more attractive because there’s not much of an issue when it comes to finances and maturity,” she explains. I look for guys who are willing to mentor me and help me on my career path.” And subsidize her lifestyle.“I get asked out by young guys all the time, and they’re cute, but those people never have any money,” Mirsaidi says.“I don’t want to go out with a guy if I have to pay for his dinner, too.” Phillips is looking for a man with his act together.“Andrea”, a 20-year-old Queens College student, doesn’t want to use her name becuase she keeps her sugar-baby status a secret from her friends and family.

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