Online dating dumped

As sure as eggs is eggs, if you date online, you will (almost certainly) get dumped a few times. If you are a stranger to the experience of being dumped then this might come as a bit of an unfun surprise. Here's why -Dating companies do not sell relationships per se. The relationship/love bit is a possibility, not a given.You would be unwise to realistically consider every person you meet on the way to the grocery store to be a potential life mate.The most important thing is to try not to worry about it too much either way. Dumping is a symptom only of the nature of meeting online, not a sign that you are an unlovable pup.Don't feel bad especially because: It's not that personal - a lot of the time the je nais sai qua you establish online doesn't translate well in the real world. It might be practical - practicalities that we think don't matter too much actually do matter, a lot.Despite the dating "filter", it's good practice to apply a little bit of grocery store realism to online dating too.Messaging is only a reflection of how you might get on in person.

I want to put you off feeling bad if you find a few dumps come your way.For simplicity, anything other than an immediate proposal of marriage will be classed as a "dump." Arguably, if you haven't yet met in person and have only formed a digital connection, the dump will not hold as much impact as a parting of ways say after 3 dates.For ease, whether in the digital landscape or physical arena, a dump is a dump is a dump.You live too far away, their work leaves no time, your politics are a squiffy match etc.Heart out to lunch - you might meet someone whose heart is multi-tasking.The "disappearing fox" dump Repeat above messaging for weeks and the digital meeting of minds.

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