Online dating websites tips

Just because asks you what your annual salary range is doesn't mean you actually have to provide that information.This is one of those little tidbits that should be left out of just about everyone's profile.

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They may do it in a playful flirty way, but that's just their way of trying to get the information without setting off your mental alarms.If they get too personal, just stop talking to them and report them to the dating site if you really think something seems phishy.Scammers will often use modeling head shots that they find online as their scam profile pics because most guys will forgo common sense when they think a beautiful woman is attracted to them.Consider getting a secondary Google Voice number to mask your real phone number.A free Google Voice number can be a great go-between for those times when you want to give a girl your phone number but you don't want to give out your real number until you get to know her a lot better where your comfortable giving her your real number.Leave out the details, especially ones that might help a creepy stalker track you down.

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