Pornstar dating hockey player

What is it with girls and hockey players named Mike?Regardless of their names, girls love hockey players.

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“Thank you for always putting a smile on my face even when we’re thousands of miles away from each other! 😍 You can kill me later for that last video 😂 Happy Birthday!!

pro-turned-singer/actress was spotted Sunday with NHL player Brooks Laich.

The pair was snapped holding hands and hiking in the Hollywood Hills with Hough’s dogs. The Canada-native Tweeted two days before stepping out with Hough: “Happy Valentines Day everyone hope you are spending it with that special someone who makes you happy!

The meeting was reportedly Tarek's idea, as Storey has already been helping him deal with the divorce.

He wanted to speak with his ex about co-parenting and remaining friends.

But Nashville wouldn’t re-sign him, and Del Zotto – due more to a questionable off-ice reputation than his play – drifted through free agency until the Flyers signed him on Aug. After reading Ann’s comments, it’s no wonder it took the Canadian defenseman so long to land another NHL job. “Strange, most guys want to date me, not use me to find other dates but OK.. “So, we go on a date, its nice, hang out- yada yada yada...

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