Quinto and groff dating


But once he decided to come out in solidarity with Jamey Rodemeyer‘s suicide, they apparently felt that their relationship could go public, too.I have to agree with Gay.net, who posted the story: Because it's from the Enquirer we naturally assume that it's all hearsay and seedy reporting.The guys dated many years ago and have remained friends ever since, and we love seeing them together again!Zachary was also seen hanging out with actor Tommy Dorfman at the party. thanks @ferragamo for the threads and as always @patriciamoraleshair for the hair and nails 😉," Zach wrote on Instagram.

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” it continues before Groff realizes how long he’s been harping on this and stops it abruptly. “That’s my life, basically.”He’s laughing it off as “quite the dichotomy, right? The 31-year-old’s career is schizophrenic in the way that actors mostly fantasize about. It required that he be, well, gay.“It was really publicly owning my sexuality,” he says. I mean, now I’m fucking guys on TV.”Some gay men like to joke that one of the reasons coming out is hard for parents and parental figures to take is because it forces them to picture you having sex with dudes, and that makes them uncomfortable. He was literally, as he just said, “fucking guys on TV.”And that’s precisely why his parents didn’t watch Looking, he says, recalling one particular horror story.

"Now he's going to be in New York with his new play ['The Glass Menagerie.'] They really loved each other, so it wasn't an easy split.

The pair are said to plan on remaining friends following the amicable break-up.

They had also both attended the Drama Desk Awards earlier that evening. Why would he be hanging with these kids if he weren't involved with Jonathan?

Because it was a foreign site and didn't identify Zachary by name (“e amigos”), it didn't get much coverage.

Or maybe Zachary was simply out to those who knew him and it wasn't a huge deal? All the way back in January, this blind item talked about a cute couple who had just started dating but couldn't go public because one of them was still closeted.

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