Rain dating kim tae hee michelle wie robin lopez still dating


The two of them are well known to be extremely close friends.On the show, the MCs said, "During the interview before filming, Alex spilled so much on Rain it was enough to fill up 40 pages of an A4 paper." To this, Rain joked, "Are you preparing a lawsuit against me?Dispatch saw the two get together on the 2nd and 9th of December, in which Rain was spotted in his military outfit, foreshadowing that he needed to return to his post soon.

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Rain and I are so close that we meet up at least once or twice every week, but I've never seen her.Rain had actively asked her out to go and what began as friends, has now apparently blossomed into a loving relationship.They met at least once a week, and usually met on Sunday's.And yet there's not a scent that he wants to propose to her.His demeanor and reaction to mentioning of her in the show just seems really odd and not a characteristic of someone who is truly in love.Kim Tae Hee could be seen in her Toyota Camry while Rain brought his BMW Mini Cruiser, in which, Kim Tae Hee transferred over to Rain’s car.

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