Recorded chatroom sex


The Ministry sees the recording and subsequent exposure of said video as devilish, embarrassing and malicious.“It is a serious violation of the privacy of womanhood.- Ministry of Gender, Children And Social Protection (MGCSP) Mr.Ali however suggested that the chatroom is not sanctioned by the UP although it bears its name. Ali: “In the early morning hours of June 27, 2017 a video involving two adults in sexual acts was circulated on social media.At the same time, the ministry is calling on the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) to immediately intervene by apprehending the alleged perpetrator who is reportedly in the employ of the Ministry of Finance And Development Planning (MFDP) and the University of Liberia respectively.” ‘Irresponsible Creatures’ Memensie Kaba, a senior partisan of the opposition Congress for Democratic Change expressed disappointment over the video, lamenting in a Facebook post: I am seriously disappointed in the way some of our men in Liberian Politics push women away as if politics is a men's society that belongs to a group of beheaded goats or uncivilized men.I strongly condemn the nude video that was posted on Facebook, specifically in the Unity Party's Group Chat about a lady who has been very blunt on social media when it comes to happenings in our country.

In a release issued in Monrovia, the ministry indicates that the recording has the propensity to further present a negative picture of the dignity of Liberian women, and that such act must never be tolerated.

“No woman should be treated in such form and manner, no matter what the circumstances.” The statement added: “The dignity of a woman should be protected at all times in-spite of what condition that woman finds herself,” the release added.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Gender, Children And Social Protection (MGCSP) is encouraging the Female Lawyers Association, Female Journalist Association of Liberia (Fe JAL) and all civil society actors to join efforts in exposing the perpetrator of such wicked, damaging and abusive act.

If you think that's how you will push us away from politics then I ask you to re-strategize because when a brave and courageous woman's mind is made up, it is indeed made up.

You can continue to record nude videos of women in politics all because of your intellectual weaknesses. Gender and Development Minister Julia Duncan Cassel describe the video as wrong and said the ministry was in the process of releasing a statement. Sambollah’s friends on Facebook suggest that he may have mistakenly shared the video into the chatroom and it was mistakenly leaked.

In Malawi and Uganda, authorities have put in place anti-pornography or anti-obscenity provisions in the law to guard against various forms of “cyber violence” against women although there have been mounting calls for tougher legislations to curb their incidence rates and to ensure redress for victims.

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