Robbie amell dating ashley leggat

Amell attended the Canadian Studios Acting Academy, and he graduated from Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute (high school) in 2006.

Amell’s first role pursuing acting was in the Steve Martin comedy, Playing antagonist Eugene Levy‘s son, Amell only had a couple of lines, but was able to stay for the majority of the shooting, learning the ropes of being on set.

Naively, she thinks the rivalry won't be a problem but boy is she wrong.

However, after getting high school roles in plays like The Importance of Being Earnest, he soon found his passion for acting.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t his older cousin, Stephen Amell, who pushed him towards his current occupation.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, both Amells talked about how they bonded over video games and pool parties during childhood, but that the age gap eventually distanced them.

In an exclusive interview with u Interview, Robbie Amell jokingly placed the blame on “girls and [Stephen’s] acting career.” The two have since reconnected in their time as actors in Los Angeles.

When Casey is dateless, Kendra offers to play matchmaker.

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