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If there is more interest than this, considerations opening the competition to more teams are available.

Flights and accommodations will only be covered for the first 8 teams in each.

Once you are selected, you have 2 weeks to buy your plane tickets, and you will be reimbursed immediately.

If you wait longer, a budget will be allocated to you based on where you’re coming from.

Rules and information for the competition can be found on the Dynamic Flying website.

The hosts will be selecting 8 teams in D4W and 8 teams in D2W.

After Sasuke's betrayal, Sakura realizes that Naruto only has the power bring Sasuke back.

Naruto has a massive crush on Sakura, knowing full well she only has eyes for Sasuke.In the beginning of the series, Sakura had a massive crush on Sasuke Uchiha.Sasuke saw her as little more than a spoiled princess, a view that Sakura later realised herself after providing no assistance during dangerous missions.Of course, she can't bring herself to do so, making her feel useless to love once again.While hearing the love confession of a ninja that had noticed her, it is revealed that Sakura still hasn't completely let go of Sasuke.Applications must be submitted by August 20th to [email protected] following information must be included with an application: We want reliable teams, from all over the world, that will carry out training throughout the year, make it to the event, put on a fierce fight and an amazing show, and help us keep writing this dynamic story with passion and positive attitude!

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