Sagetv weather not updating

(I'll pass on the plugins for Play On at this point...)Yep, the serial installation of those updaates wa a surprise -- no big deal but it would seem they could be easily combined!(I'll pass on the plugins for Play On at this point...)John, I am really sorry that you are dealing with this.I also had no problem accessing Neflix via Play On in the Online Services section.

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Increasing JVM Heap size did not really seem to help with sluggish browsing of digital content as much as I had hoped.

And it took a lot more than a half-hour fo Sage TV and the HD200 to get things indexed/imported! My HD200 is at 2009120901 -- more up-to-date than yours!

No new news this morning -- except that Dutchess County (or our part anyway) missed all the snow!

I am ready to drive up your way to get this solved!!!

_________________Cheers, Damian DIY WHS - 12.5TB and growing, too many gadgets to list Did you read the Media Smart Server blog today? " - Lieutenant Frank Drebin My DVD library DOES show up (under Media Center from the main menu, NOT under Videos where I expected it).

I am still able to browse folders that are not defined for content. So I took the plunge and grabbed the Play On plug-in. Where am I supposed to see the Play On options -- specifically Netflix?

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