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Victims Services Offered by SAPD - The San Antonio Police Department offers a variety of services to victims in need, including information about domestic and family violence and local resources to help victims.Bexar County Family Justice Center - The Bexar County Family Justice Center provides services and resources necessary to assist victims of domestic violence and their families in one centralized location.

in San Antonio is to break the cycle of violence and to strengthen families by providing the necessary tools for self-sufficiency, such as emergency shelter, transitional housing and other necessities.

Back to top If making an accusation of anything meeting the definition of family violence under Chapter 71 of the Texas Family Code, the complainant may seek a protective order against the accused.

If filing a criminal complaint, the Bexar County District Attorney will assist the victim.

38.07 holds that a person may be convicted based on the testimony of the victim alone if the victim informs another person of the allegation within a year.

If at the time of the alleged offense, the person is younger than 17, older than 65 or had a mental disease, defect or injury, then the person did not have to tell another person for his or her testimony to secure a conviction by itself.

If you’ve been accused of any type of abuse against a family member or person you are dating, immediately call us at 210-226-1463. Affinity includes people with whom the accused is in a relationship by marriage.

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