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Get yourself noticed by removing any old pictures and swapping them for sunny snaps.Update your profile and let people know what you have been up to recently. make a new friend each week The more people you meet the more likely you are to find someone you click with.Not everyone will take your fancy but by meeting more people you improve your communication skills and learn to talk to just about anyone.This will give you confidence on a date and you won’t feel as nervous in front of someone you do fancy.Some of them are even pretty hot, of course some are not.

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Talk, smile and take more risks and you’ll all see that Sarah Beeny although a help isn’t the answer to singledom.It seems online dating isn’t as embarrassing as it used to be, people freely sign-up and aren’t even ashamed anymore.So after being single for quite a while with the gentle nudge of a few friends I took the leap and went online.After 9 days I decided to delete my profile as the online dating thing definitely wasn’t for me but in those 9 days I had 3 dates lined up so even though it wasn’t for me it was definitely worth the £18.Dating is a funny thing and I met 3 nice guys, but 2 of them were simply just nice and although you have never met me I need more than just nice.Dating should be an addition to your life – not the centre of it.

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