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By that time, investigators already had dug deep into the alleged kickback scheme between Epps and Mc Crory but kept mum about their findings until unsealing the federal indictment against the pair earlier this month.

If convicted, each faces more than 200 years behind bars.

The investigation ends, he said, when the man is indicted and brought to justice."If you have knowledge of a felony and chose not to pursue it," he said, "you're negligent in your duty."Dumbfounded about what he believed was MDOC's abrupt ending of the Sims probe, Waggoner called U. FBI agents then set up the first of what would become many conversations with Waggoner and launched an investigation against Sims and eventually Epps.

Sitting in his large, wood-paneled office built with inmate labor, Waggoner said it all started when Mc Crory came to town.

The former state legislator and longtime businessman had struck a deal with the Mississippi Department of Corrections to open up a transition center for inmates.

That was in addition to the daily per-inmate fee the company earned from MDOC.

Concerned citizens started calling the Sheriff's Department immediately after the center opened, Waggoner said.

Sims, who was the longtime mayor of the town of Walnut Grove, also served as head of the transition center despite having had no background in corrections. 26, 2009 — about one month after he started his job as warden — according to a federal indictment against Sims.

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