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She is charged with disturbing a lawful assembly, resisting an officer without violence, disorderly conduct, trespass of a structure, battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting an officer with violence, Harden said. 19) as the result of a cooperative effort between the Levy County Sheriff's Office and the Chiefland Police Department, according to information in a press release from LCSO spokesman Lt. John David Bogan, 27, of Chiefland is being held without bond in the Levy County Jail until a judge sets bonds in the morning, Tummond said, Bogan is charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling, grand theft, burglary of a conveyance (a truck), burglary of a conveyance (a car), grand theft auto, petit theft, battery, and resisting arrest without violence.

Prevatt is currently being held in the Dixie County Jail under a ,000 bond. The events leading to Bogan becoming a suspected burglar began at approximately a.m. 18) when LCSO deputies responded to a home in the Manatee Farms Subdivision off of State Road 320 in unincorporated area to the west of Chiefland, according to Tummond and records.

The suspect took a jacket and other valuables from the husband’s truck, Tummond said.

Deputies established a perimeter and deployed K-9s from both the Sheriff’s Office and the Chiefland Police Department (CPD) to track the suspect, Tummond said.

The husband, who had armed himself with a shotgun as he gave chase, reported seeing the suspect enter the family car parked in their driveway, Tummond said.

Bogan then attempted to flee, Tummond said, and in doing so, struck a tree on the property.

With no fire hazards found, Squad 1 released all units back into service at p.m. CHIEFLAND -- A 32-year-old Chiefland woman was arrested Tuesday (Feb. Levy County Department of Public Safety EMS staff arrived and concurred. Officers found a small amount of methamphetamine, part of a marijuana cigarette and paraphernalia.

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Troopers found in excess of an ounce of marijuana, which is a felony amount in Florida, the FHP said. Lopez was arrested and transported to the Marion County Jail. Downing as members of Engine 21, Squad 1 and Engine 24 teams found the power pole that was arcing. The officers found the woman acting nervously, the report shows. in regard to a reported suspicious person, according to records. Three brush fire calls added to the mix of action by this set of public servants responding to calls for help. The Nissan entered the path of the motorcycle, the FHP said, and as a result, the front of the motorcycle collided with the left front of the Nissan. Dixie County Emergency Services Operations Chief Roy Bass shared on Tuesday (Feb. There was a total of a total of 85 EMS calls for service from Feb. "We still have extrication pumps to have tested," he said, "and the last thing to be done is SCBAs (self-contained breathing apparatus)." Among the various responses the team answered calls for help from are those that resulted after four motor vehicle crashes in Dixie County during that week. The motorcycle was westbound on CR 488 approaching North Map Point, the FHP said.Lajoie was transported to Seven Rivers Regional Hospital, the FHP said, where he later died from injuries he suffered during the crash. DIXIE COUNTY -- People who are disruptive in court can find themselves in jail, even if they entered the courthouse as an observer rather than as a defendant.

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