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According to Talho, the only way he knew how to confront reality was to physically hurt those who angered or hurt him.When he's not angry, he's an effective leader willing to do anything for the crew.

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Trusting his brother's words, Holland led the SOF into the assault but he was also given another mission: to capture Norb, a powerful Vodarac priest.

Later on, after Holland's mutiny, they would cross paths again, this time during Holland's attempt to steal the Nirvash type ZERO from Senan Tower.

After the Nirvash was safely delivered to the Gekko, he offered Sumner a position in Gekkostate (which he declined), before going off on his way.

Because of their opposing goals, they share a deep hatred for each other, in Holland's case beginning from his encounter with Norb.

Holland is known as one of the greatest ref boarders alive, and is an idol to many young people, including Renton.

He was said to have idolized Dewey and never realized the deep hatred his older brother harbored towards him.

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