Sexy cam iphone


You can go for a handheld thing, too, if you want, but that's going to double up on motion — something you might want to spare anyone who's watching your 360-degree videos. And when you're conspicuously taking a picture or video of every_thing_ (and every_one_) around you, maybe that's good enough.No reason to draw any more attention to yourself, right?The whole thing is about 3.5 inches tall, with the large, black 200-degree lenses facing opposite each other at the top, giving you the rest to hold onto. More on that in a second.) LG hasn't gone overboard on buttons (perhaps learning from the simplicity of the HTC RE Camera?), giving you just a single shutter button, and power button on the side.

It's also available for i OS, so you can control things from an i Phone or i Pad.(Pros can and still do stitch together shots from SLRs, but that almost seems like cheating.) But Photospheres are as tedious as they are fun.A new wave of 360 cams is hitting this year, starting with two of the mobile manufacturers.You've got the camera mode, with options to shoot still frames and video. You can choose which of the two lenses you're seeing the preview from.(I'm not entirely sure why that matters in 360 degrees.) You've got auto mode — which is what I've left it in most of the time — or full manual controls, with which you can control things like ISO and shutter speed and white balance. Posted by Android Central on Thursday, April 7, 2016 And it doesn't stop there. And you've got options for resolution and file size.LG is first out of the gate with the 360 CAM, and Samsung is coming later this summer with the Gear 360.

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