South korean dating customs

The Love Factory Event Café, which has 10 different locations across the country, is booked days in advance for Valentine's Day and White Day."Admittedly, we get more calls on White Day," says manager Kim Cheon-guk.Korea is one of the world’s best places to spend Valentine’s Day.

Because many young Koreans traditionally live with their parents until marriage, love motels are particularly cherished as locations for romantic romps for those who simply don't want to wait until marriage.

"It's an advanced, efficient way of meeting someone who is vouched for by someone you know.

I foresee it becoming a huge global trend." It's not enough that they're holding hands or publically cooing at each other.

They're also beloved because they're cheap and fun.

As such they're a good option for travelers who seek inexpensive alternative lodging -- something over-the-top and exciting.

In Korea, blind dating does not have the negative connotation (your grandmother setting you up with her knitting club partner's toady nephew) it might have in the West. Well, it doesn't to be serious, but it's definitely a booming one -- arranged marriages may be rare, but arranged dates are a perfectly acceptable, and even preferable, way of a finding a partner. There is the "mee-ting," or a group blind date with no strings, lots of alcohol, and general hilarity. And then there is the more private "sogeting," with considerably less alcohol, wherein you meet someone through a chain of mutual acquaintances with the understanding that you're both single and looking.

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