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They are definitely not over the top, but like any developing nation there are a few things you should avoid doing.

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These sites are generally only accessible between 6am and 10am.Do not turn your back to (or be alongside) a Buddha statue when within a reasonable distance.It's always a good idea to follow what the locals are doing. It's fine to take a photograph of a statue, but all persons should be facing it. There's no particular etiquette for Westerners - just be polite.Volunteer in Sri Lanka with Plan My Gap Year, an award-winning, international volunteer abroad organisation.PMGY provides safe, trusted and affordable programmes overseas with a wide range of volunteer projects in Sri Lanka including Childcare • Elephant • English Teaching • Medical • Mental Health & Turtle Conservation opportunities.Although much latitude is given to tourists, it is more polite to use your right hand when shaking hands, handing money and small objects, etc.

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