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Outside the Lines cross-referenced football and men's basketball rosters from 2009 through 2014 at 10 schools with police reports from 20 campus and city police departments to complete this project. Individual reports about what Outside the Lines found at each school studied:• Auburn • Florida • Florida State • Michigan State • Missouri • Notre Dame • Oklahoma State • Oregon State • Texas A&M • Wisconsin But available reports showed that Rainey's alma mater, Florida, had the most athletes named as suspects -- 80 in more than 100 crimes at Florida.Yet the athletes never faced charges, had charges against them dropped or were not prosecuted 56 percent of the time.

Williams was under investigation for rape and sexual battery.

He was in a film session, Ford told the officers -- they'd have to wait 10 minutes.

So two officers waited, and 30 minutes later, Williams arrived.

And sometimes, they want more than just information.

In a Florida State University Police Department case from August 2012, officers asked a football player whether they could examine his car in connection with a possible hit-and-run, but he told them he was busy and would call back later. Officers ultimately heard from FSU associate athletic director Monk Bonasorte, who asked whether he could bring the vehicle to the police station "due to [the player] being in a mandatory football meeting."Bonasorte's name appears in multiple players' police reports.

"You don't do an interview of a suspect -- football, non-football, athlete, nonathlete -- in their own comfortable environment.

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