Taurus male and scorpio female dating


Posts with the most recent activity are listed first. There is an option to be notified when people respond to your comment. Leo and Scorpio I am a scorpio woman that is currently restarting a relationship with a leo man. At first everything was amazing, he was romantic and driven, he said things to me that stole my heart. Scorpio seeing Leo Man - Everything I read is TRUE!Scorpio woman dating a Leo man lots of arguments I m a scorpion women, I date a Leo man.I really agreed with most girls up there that Leo men are really magnetic, they can attract girls just like that, …I specialize in providing fast and accurate relationship readings delivered by email.These are designed to show exactly how compatible you are with a given partner and explore everything about your relationship, including a detailed analysis of your personality and your partner's personality.He remembers all his anger and will wait or his pay back time.He is a complex man and you will never understand what he means if you do not really know him. When he is thinking or when he needs his privacy, you should give him some space. You may say something that you already forgotten, but he will remember every words. Always be interesting and able to talk to him about everything in any subjects.If you do not like straight forward sincere man, then pack your bag now.If you are an over sensitive person, try not to ask for his comments.

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If you are in love this guy, be strong and belief in your decision, do not be vulnerable.One of the most successful men in the entire Zodiac he is.He is a very patient man and can waits for years to reach his goal. He can not retreat or rest for long, for he thinks life has more questions and more answer to be searched. He could tell if you have any bad thought, and will not hesitate to tell you so.He makes such comments because he cares for you, so do something about your weight and do not get up set with him.If he says “you look pretty today”, you can be proud because he will not say such think just to please you if he does not really mean it. If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Leo and Scorpio compatibility article on this relationship first. We just reconnected recently from a relationship that occurred as teenagers … I immediately felt an UNCONTROLLABLE, UNDENIABLE, AND VERY OBVIOUS connection from the first day I set my eyes on my Leo man. Scorpio woman thinking about breaking up with leo man....... I'm a younger scorpio chick (mid twenties) who is majorly crushing on an older leo guy (late 30s).

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