Human trafficking is defined under Florida law as the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for labor or services, through the use of force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of subjugation to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, slavery, or a commercial sex act. If you suspect a child is a victim, please call the Florida Abuse Hotline at 1-800-96-ABUSE or 911.For more information and resources, please visit the FDOE Human Trafficking webpage: Health Observances are special days, weeks, or months dedicated to raising awareness about important health topics. Vacant Health Education Coordinator Bureau of Standards and Instructional Support Healthy Schools 325 W.Your hands are made for loving and helping—not hurting the ones you love.Follow loveisrespect on social media for information and updates to share with your friends and family.

Loveisrespect will provide information and strategies for teaching young people about healthy relationships and how to support one another.

Here is an easily printable version of the Power and Control Wheel.

DON'T MISS: "The Walking Dead" – As the monster hit returns to resume its eighth season, our mood is somber. Photos of the Holocaust are being donated to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Israel, and copies of the photos and Loren Allison's diary are being sent to the Holocaust Museum in Washington D. Staff at the family-run Dancing Bear Toys recorded this fun re-enactment of the cult sport.

Teen DV Month (sometimes called TDVAM) is a national effort to raise awareness about abuse in teen and 20-something relationships and promote programs that prevent it. will experience physical, sexual or emotional abuse by someone they are in a relationship with before they become adults.

Dating violence is more common than many people think. And nearly half (43%) of dating college women report experiencing violent and abusive dating behaviors.

They want complete power over and control of their partners.

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