Travis van winkle dating


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Clay and Jenna run out of the cabin while Trent was trying to call the cops.

Trent tells Jenna to run with him, but she refuses and decides to help Clay find Whitney.

Trent accuses Jenna of sleeping with Clay, despite he was the one actually cheating.

Clay tries to warn Trent about Jason Voorhees, but he doesn't believe him until he hears Lawrence getting killed by Jason.

While he was upstairs, he accidentally shoots Bree's dead body.

He invites his girlfriend Jenna and five other friends: Chewie, Nolan, Bree, Lawrence, and Chelsea to stay at his parents' cabin near Camp Crystal Lake, where he and his entire group would later be completely slaughtered by Jason Voorhees.

His goal for the weekend is to hook up with Jenna but is seduced by her best friend Bree and they make a sex tape.

Jason then lifts Trent up as he continues to saw him with the machete causing his guts to fall out as Trent screams in pain.

The driver sees this and so he tries to start his truck.

When Jenna asks him if he wants to go hiking, he subtly tells her that he wants to have sex with her in which she declines.

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