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The staff is amazing and work hard to make you happy.

That being said, there was virtually NOTHING to complain about in regards to our recent trip!

The grounds are lush and beautiful, the music each night was very good (especially Hedo's "House" band) and we had a great time with those super-fun entertainment coordinators, the weather was very nice, the ocean clear and calm (except for our next-to-last day, when we experienced a little backlash from TS Irene) and the staff was friendly, helpful and Jamaican good-humored from start to finish.

One of the things we enjoy so much about Jamaica is the Jamaican people we've met.

The grounds were gorgeous, and maintenance staff was buzzing about revamping the unoccupied rooms - fresh coats of paint, new it.

If your room was lacking in any way, all you had to do was ask at the front desk and they'd take care of it, and quickly (really - I mean quickly, not Jamaican quickly).

A few things to try if you go: Make sure to have Scumba or Delroy make you a drink at the nude beach bar...they're icons, and truly fun!

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