Updating iis

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To update the URL or IIS bindings of a Web application, you must unextend and re-extend the Web application, and reconfigure alternate access mapping URLs or IIS Web site bindings.

To assign an IP address to an IIS Web site that has been extended with Windows Share Point Services 3.0, you can directly modify the IIS bindings of an IIS Web site. We do not recommend reusing the same IIS Web site for your HTTP and SSL hosting.

Unlike typical IIS Web applications, you cannot simply use IIS Manager or other IIS metabase tools to modify the bindings of IIS Web applications that have been extended with Windows Share Point Services 3.0.

I already talked about how WPI can help you installing PHP on Windows running IIS.

If you haven't read that post, I would encourage you to read that post before continue reading this. So wondering why I am asking you to read the previous post of mine.

In the Registry, there are settings for each of the users.

It sounds like "IUSR" has regional settings other than those you want.

Changing "DEFAULT" will only change any NEW accounts you make, the old ones remain as they were (including IUSR).

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