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(case=79849) Support for dot to arrow conversion on handles to handles in C /CLI.(case=80210) 11767 Spellcheck supports doxygen comments that begin with “//! View full post Yesterday, I blogged about the availability of the first Cumulative Update of NAV 2017. As we (i Facto) are rebuilding our internal solution for NAV2013, I have to include the Test Toolset …

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For general questions and support, please use Stack Overflow where questions should be tagged with the tag This project has adopted the code of conduct defined by the Contributor Covenant to clarify expected behavior in our community. By adding this (Nuget repo | Gallery) to your Visual Studio, you can also get pre-release packages of upcoming version. What if you wanted to have multiple versions which “light up” based on platform capabilities? So all of a sudden out of nowhere my intellisense for xamarin objects, methods, etc. I've tried closing every tab, cleaning solution, restarting visual studio, updating xamarin, repairing visual studio 2015, uninstalling and reinstalling visual studio but nothing has worked so far. View full post Big day yesterdag – but also a confusing one. In fact, the Power Shell function that was part of my … 🙂 I was in a conversation with Freddy Kristiansen ..A while ago, Microsoft announced Project “Madeira” as a “Public Saa S” offering from Microsoft, clearly based on our beloved NAV (but unspoken). the so called “father” of the “Azure Demo VM Image for NAV 2016” (or how do you kids call it these days).(case=20625) 9662, 11414, 11729 Fixed coloring of variables named “value.” (case=37888) 9625, 10186, 10672 Implement Interface is now available on classes declared inside of functions.

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