Updating pay per click campaigns excel

This is how you filter the data: Lastly, you can make it cleaner visually by adding the appropriate number type for each column, whether dollars, percentages, or integers.So now that things are organized, let’s dig in and find see which keywords are converting well for us. To make it more interesting and engaging to you, and so we’re on the same page, you can download the worksheet that we have put together with the actual Search Term data for 2/19/16-4/18/16. Here are a few steps that can help us get more mileage from the keywords that convert well, and those that are bringing unqualified traffic that doesn’t convert.Unlike 08 numbers, 03 numbers cost the same to call as geographic landline numbers (starting 01 and 02), even from a mobile phone.

You can see the Lifetime reports on the right: And here is a look at each campaign, starting with the Manual Targeting: And the Automatic Campaign: The campaigns have pretty much been on auto pilot since then, and have been profitable.These are the fields that I select in my Pivot Table: Note: I choose not to include any calculated averages, like click through rate, average cost per click, Average Cost of Sales.It is better, and more accurate, to calculate these manually. Once you select the fields to add to the report, you will need to organize them.The question then becomes, which keywords convert well, and how much should we be willing to pay for them?In this post, we will dig in to Amazon’s Search Terms report, and find keywords that are profitable for us.In this post, I will review how we can analyze the Search Term reports to find profitable search terms, and how we can reorganize our campaign structure to reduce our costs.

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