Updating platform sun4v boot archive

Once you have done that, make sure to http-share out at minimum, $DESTDIR/boot, and $DESTDIR/Solaris_10/Tools/Boot.

(If you arent using flash archives to install, then you'll also need to distribute out $DESTDIR/Solaris_10/Product somehow) It is indeed vexing that they name BOTH of the critical directories as "boot".

This page is a writeup to summarize the technical data flow behind the scenes, for Solaris WANBoot.

But when they do NOT go fine, it is useful to have the following information, to attempt to figure out where things have gone wrong!

Per my observations, a wanboot client goes through the following steps, after you type "boot net - install".

Therefore, it is possible to end up using a subnet-level wanboot.conf,but a client-specific system.conf, even if you specify "system_conf=system.conf" in the subnet wanboot.conf!!

) Oddly, at this point, it goes through some dumb backflips to silently pass back (percent complete) updates to the server, while being COMPLETELY SILENT ON CONSOLE.

Comment out all the authentication/encryption stuff unless you know how to use it.

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