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In addition to a variety of management commands available via the Heroku CLI, Heroku Postgres provides a web dashboard, the ability to share queries with dataclips, and several other helpful features. For more information on what each plan provides, see Choosing the Right Heroku Postgres Plan.Before you provision Heroku Postgres, you should confirm that it isn’t $ heroku addons:create heroku-postgresql:hobby-dev Creating heroku-postgresql:hobby-dev on ⬢ sushi... Pricing information for Heroku Postgres plans is available on the Heroku Postgres add-on page.Heroku will also occasionally deprecate old versions of our infrastructure (Legacy Infrastructure).We typically do this if the operating system running beneath the database will no longer receive security update, if support for the OS is no longer practical due to age (if required packages and patches are no longer available or difficult to support), or if the server instances are significantly different from our current infrastructure and are impractical to support.Performance analytics is the visibility suite for Heroku Postgres.It enables you to monitor the performance of your database and to diagnose potential problems.To see if your database is running on legacy infrastructure, use $ heroku pg:info === HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_MAROON_URL (DATABASE_URL) Plan: Ronin Status: Available Data Size: 26.1 MB Tables: 5 PG Version: 9.5.3 Connections: 2 Fork/Follow: Available Rollback: Unsupported Created: 2012-05-02 UTC Maintenance: not required (Mondays to Tuesdays UTC) Infrastructure: Legacy When support ends for a given Postgres version or legacy infrastructure, Heroku will provide at least 3 months notification.

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Customers will be reminded to upgrade themselves, and as a last resort have upgrade maintenances scheduled on their databases closer to their version’s end of life.This automatic migration requires database and application downtime.Heroku highly recommends that customers perform the version upgrade or update themselves prior to support ending so that they may test compatibility, have time to plan for unforeseen issues, and are able to migrate the database on their own schedule.Never Used Indexes have not been used (since the last manual database statistics refresh).These indexes are typically safe to drop, unless they are in use on a follower.for sushi:: HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_MAROON_URL available for one month after creation on 2014-07-03 .868968 00 GREEN: Connection Count GREEN: Long Queries GREEN: Idle in Transaction GREEN: Indexes GREEN: Bloat GREEN: Hit Rate GREEN: Blocking Queries GREEN: Load GREEN: Sequences Each Postgres connection requires memory and database plans have a limit on the number of connections they can accept.

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