Updating smarty s06

Well, you plug it in to your OBD2 port under your dash, Download the catcher software you want to your truck, and then unplug it.

updating smarty s06-6updating smarty s06-22

It will be used to create a subfolder to save your file to.If you are downloading for S03, or SJ6, you will not have a “Disclaimer of Liability” page.In your case, a file download box will just pop up.NOTE: If you are downloading the TNT file, there is a link for documentation for the TNT software on the Disclaimer of Liability page. This gives you the opportunity to save it to a specific folder on your computer, or create a new folder to save it in. In the “Save In:” area, navigate to the Smarty Folder.Click on it, and save it in the Docs folder as before. Select “Create New Folder” name the folder with Either REVO_xx-xx-xx or REVO_TNT_xx-xx-xx Depending on which file you are downloading currently, and Where xx-xx-xx is the date of the file. The top 2 files in the “Tools” section are the actual Smarty downloader. However, the procedure for obtaining software for the other models is similar.

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