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WJijic tjjf|3tjirare record train reserve tlon&, many Britons wtio had kept their cars in atorage because of a-artlme gaaq^l Tttf rationing got them otit for the Easier week-end. The entire school of 100 pupils attended and after- wards, under Forester Ciarman'.': direction, working in five crews of twenty each, took an active hand in planting on the east slope of the grounds, the srore.s of .seedling Douglas firs which had jii.'t that momtng-arrlvea'Tr Qm the "nursery at New Westminster. The pioneers of this continent 4and most of the men who fc^lowed tliem. l«»*i*e ri MT, Central BMl MHii «a v W» SI at Braa S. Sui U and Toj H otiis You may select any fabric and we'll make you really drcs Md-up tiris Spring. March 23 O^.^l Vit Coirihien Ind Apendentt received 1.9 per t ent more vot M .'than Social Creditcrs in ^ ^ the Alberta provincial general al Mtion, accordin|^ to m- •complctt, unofficial iicur«i. This, indeed, was a record lala— dua to tha genuine hargains— every sin^la. • fhtif p t tf h t&m fto latt^ptrliips thty wtra s1(cp~ ical at that time— but here is the opportunity once mora to buy cars wg art ferctd to.sacrif ica in order to obtain more space m this large but crowded garaft. Tfela rulf adteiu •f ■• anaptioa No Mtar aaeu M wm4 Mt vartfi lo Irnith. Th ere ls spiritual failure nmnlnt throu Rh all the warp and woof of hfc: therr is th" u ,i! of the in- cessant j Kitlcementa of evil; mm IS ttie inevita- ^bl Mty of death. Inviting the public io donate dollars to fill these spaces j Tlie card was full In a short time.

Hundreds rif f'ther."; who rouldn f afford cats "or railway tickets used blrycjes for trips to the aeashore, where many hotels and boarding hoi L-ies posted "full up" slffns. prompted by the need for till- able land or by the commercial i lue of the wood, had made the utting down of trees "as ruthlessly and cheaply as possible," a guiding principle, Principal Smith. *Tht figurea wart baat^-tnr ftrtt counts : , _ With complete returns received 1 110,713 or 4fl 9 per tern i^f thp plec- froin ©nly twenty of t h e i w tyn tne ^i Hhf e r -ppo6ing Social Credit. If you arc interested and sacking a REAL BUY wc urge you to act without delay. LIFT LP YOLK HEARTS 'Thi.s is thp day of man's resurrection, thf birthday of eternal llfe^ The early Chn^tiaii.s aaw In (he Ant-lap Ur ^ moral of hew man s fbes. Thoee who would learn from tiie rarly Christians, therefore, have to realize that the Re surrection was allied with the Crucifixion* that ihey were one act with one purpose. ' The one week extension period decided upon when the campaign was \ obtaining •uf Hclent money after the flrst week, will be up on Tuesday, but cam- paign officials said last night there IS a possibility a further extension of time w Ul be made.

I'lrculatlon Job Printhi R ----^ - Editorial Rooms ......^,.,... '--As^ ballot-counting continued ■lowly in thi complicated Al- berta election •ct-up, Premier William Aberhart, leadtr of the 'world's first Social Credit Gov- ernmsnt. Republican Army fired one of the cell blocks in an unsuccessful break for Uberty. " The Commnnwealih air training May hew's Campaign Closes With Appeal -To S u p port Ca binet "However. Fir.';t J-mai'lnes to strike back hard st the principal sea road remaining open to Germany. end- ing today, hroucht rifled report.s of fifteen smkings. Denmark, alone lost six vessels to German U-boat at- HEL8INKI. - has bought the scheme, aimed at providing pilots,! ex^ftable tea crop of obtiervers and mechanica for the Centtaacd en tuf le. Prif^t.s wt n* ab'uit tho Ktrrnal City blesauig homes and of Qces, lood ahopa strung their fronts 'with sausages and filled their windows with staclu of Easter eakes for to- day's feasting. — i^n the other hand, the C C P, weie callln K for, the return of all Ca^:a- ■'•nt overseas and the calling of gn Immediate peace con - ference with Hitler.— ^Hr. The play, entitled .''Pontiua 'Pilate," by Eliot Field, has the luw nielli aic »iiuv T(t ui in* auuvs pit Lurc. fonnu B niaie, Dy rilioi rieia, Mas tne following cast: Wilbur Pearce, Ruth Pearce, Mrs. of *nr »ed men, Jau t jnev ertheles s leffislation was already on tliie statute i Kxiks to prot^t the dtteng against I profiteering. Manion had been sineere *in hl.s desire for a national pnv Mii- mfnf. Mng Cabinet ministers In tiic : King Oovemment whom he had pre- ' vloualy praised, 'Mr. erted The only kind of a national weatad' was one wber# ha prime minister, -the speaker eluded. A; a result the country was suffering today from floods, dust storma and other ifcopomic and phvsiral dis- asters. Mackenzie touched on the .«iame point, commentim; on the ca Velcs-s way in which peopte cut down trees, disregarding the many years that it took for those trees to be replaced and for the timber to be of marketable Yet 1, Columbia waa-dependent on her forest industries, and every tree cut down should be replaced She hoped the young people would grow up ihore aware of the ujgeni need to protect forest wealth and reforest barren ai-eaa. that the eiwmirie of Mount Newton High Bdwol would be emulated. ■ The Co-operative Commonwealth Fpderaiion rereivpfi 14092 voif.s. Sptciac U cat* sis*, frae boc Utt, dfine iiit Mii o w end eaalysiii. N I Tuminn to Prime Minister Mac- kenzie Kliijf and his five k'-v men Mr Ci F Hale will be at the EMPRE. YOUR CHOICE AT .39 (Values Up to 0.00) 1930 WHIPPET ROADSTER 1926 OLDSMOBILE SEDAN 1927 CHRYSLER COACH - .99 (Valutt to 0.00) 1929 PCTNTIAC SEDAN .99 •Values to Sll OOOL 1928 ERSKINE SEDAN .99 (Values to 0.00) 1928 DURANT COUPE 1927 CHEVROLET COUPE .99 ^Values to 5.00) 1928 CHEVROLtr SEDAN " 9.99 Values to .QQJjg[)_ 1928 FORD A ' COUPE 1928 CHRYSLER COUPE 1928 NASH SEDAN- 9.99 (Values to 5,001 1921 FO«D^A"PHArr ON 9.99 (Vaf Ms to 5,001 1930 FORD "A" TUDOR 19i9 MARQUETTE SEDAN 9.99 "Values to S275.00) 1930 CHEVROLET SEDAN 1929 NA^H CAIRIOLIT 9.99 'Values to 0,001 192$ STUDEf AKER SEDAN 9.99 'Values to 0.00) 1930 WHIld TRU CK ' nough in all con^clei^e. What thi.s day proclaims is the appointed result of what preceded It; the i)arablo, In very act, that the doom of sin_mujt be endure^ thai its scn- lertce must be accepted if obydfcngf: but it p'^" - claims as well that sin rould do no more than ill carrying, out the vrrdiri of thr, then ita power wa.s Thr ("luriiu'd triumplicrl in the Rr.surrrrt mn in v. S52 1324 D o ugl as Str ent Due to natural factors, such as physical dis- abllitieg, in no el^tttfn will 100 per cent of the voter.s be at the poll.s. ; Fi Umr WABTABlf The Liberal Party went into-theprcscnt election cimp Aign fully equipped for the battle of ballots. however, allowing Ca.iada'.s .soidi-Ms to go overseas not fully equipped, although, of course, what equipment they lack will be provided by the 3Government. September 3 found (hi.s country quite unprepared for the straggle. which u to be eree ted nwt to the Bnm*w|ek Hot#i on Yate^ Street. Even Vancouver Island was being strlpjied of Its forest wealth through indifference of- the public to one of tta greatest luiturai re. Laag- l e» i s he sta t ed, waa the first muni- cipality in the province to plant a Garman, the Saanich Sch Od Baaid and Principal Smith. w|i& decided to arrange for a ninety - nine-year ftasc of the site of the Log Cabin from the Nith and South Saanich Agricultural Society As.^oeiation. 5 1 per cent of Uie total, and the re- maining 3 per cent w'aa given to fourteen other candidates Including four Ind^'pendent Progressives, three Iftboritf^ two Independent Inde- pendenlk, two Independent Farmers. the 'Opposition | could have found somei^iing to i rritlci/e without descendffig to per- son a llties of tlie type i^t had been i Lsed throughoiit Jhe canspalgnr •In mv opinion. HICH ri DELITV NEARi NC AIDS \ AUREX liect that, if ol«'cted. Manion would form his cabinet from the I elected represenutlves, but he had stated that he would the ["best brains" in t'le country, "i think the best brains are already running the al Tain of the country," Mr. since there is every indication now-that it^tas become a war of attrition. A moonbeam genilv laid Its silver light upon hlm-^ And, oulu fisrfii mar — . ,1.' flrfoatrd, death was conqucrfd, by t Xie Rucn. Short of phy.sical disability, actual ill-health, notlilng should be permitted to Interfere with the fl«A_iluty of a citizen - the right of expressing his or her choice on polling day. On Tuesday next the Lib- erals,are appealing to the people tn go on ing them to carr'y on exclusively the direction of the Dominion .s part In the War. The strength Of the Militia was » mere skeleton of what the paer establishment , permitted. Tins in not the place to discuss the causes or the results of the present war, but I may venture to point out some general Icssoru wjiich it Ji{i.s r » i ^ brought home to us. esecutiveand Qu Mn EUaabeth and tb« Prtncerses ^onfront Uig ur to«|ay to; estend to-, loyal canrtklah: ggplaini tft,th M. Premier Aber- hart's followers led the count In jg M|Mii. I Oarman and George Melroee, of the I Forestry Department, and those seen III u»e lower photograph: Senator c. Londoners Jammed a full schedule of holiday tralna, maklns for the aeashore and quiet, of the country, while into the city poured a ma.'.s'of "pro^incla U." and .soldiers from the Bnt Lsh Expeditionary Force or Dominion troops training here. latter, some getting their fu-st look at the Brltiih capital, made ter Kse one Of the gayest nighti I ol the war ' * I Tliere was a continuous prooeaaion j of couples at Lbndon marriage I registry offices, nom all over Bngi land c&vc M ' ^tt V^n VT ol S^n Uta bonm.^." . Forest Plot Started ift Mount Novy- ~ ton School Step Out in Style This Spring^ Tlie first school forest plot In British Columbia planted by the school children thema^lves in co- operation ~irlth the foreait service came into existence Tliursday nt i Mount Newton High So1, Saan- ichtpn, in connection with a tree-l planting ceremony that waa part of the oonaidered plan for forest con- | servation and preservation of the I natural beauty and resources of Uir Island and prevlnee i The actual tree-planting cere- mony followed a programme of ad- the school as.sembly hall at p.m., when the apeakera were Principal Alexander O. Car- man, of the' British Columbia Fof- eitry Department. • i 0^^^ A General Electric Refrigerators CARLOAD OP THE NEW 19461MODELS HOPE'S TAILORING. Yoiir'ippert Hnity to get style, quality tr Krlurii H Sho H \(t.*) Vvr i vul of Klrr- Jofli Voted for Anti-G uvrriiii K'iit (Coalition and 4$ Per Cent tor Social Oredh Tarty 111) 0P1GLAS 8THEKT ^ — j 17^ DMONTON. Write home office for appointment now HALE OPTICAL COMPANY ' LIMITIO 43t BIrka Bat Miaff. {■■■■■■■■I T 9 CENT _ SALEW ■ - I — 4 One year ago we asfoundfd the motoring public' of Victoria whco^ wa^jnnounccd our first 99^ Sale of Used Cars. Below were nine blank spaces and a | Jjrlnted no Uot. Ptss Mrnnce ti From Berlin That Sovieft* P remi er^ Molotoff. Last Monday One of the Largest Political Meetings in the History of the Dominion Took Place in the Maple Leaf Gardo M, Toronto^ When 15,911 Persons Gathered to Hear Hon. a Cabinet ^spoke.-sm'nn announrrd that was the Qovemmenta inten- tion. nhoiit bv the checking up on anv slarknrs.s wh U h might exist and bv the traiisfor of civil aervanti from their regular departments, to thoxe which are bearing the mr-l MRlen mere heavily.. but now when he is drunk w Uli power they w«nt to hold a peice conference wttb htm/ d«elai«d tlte candidate. It was true, he said, that dl^ net haw a htf g e f oree — . Anne Wilkinson, Beulah Wilaon, Eileen Wilkinson, Thelma Reynold! A pro- fatlon of t^nutlful floral tributes I was M ca l ved. No appolntmentv» were made to the vacant post of Becre Ury of state, (.r to fin the lone vacancy in the aenate c RUiied by the death o C Ren/Oeorge I Mu ll - .s taunton (Oonaemttve. Questioned tf annual statutory in* erpa.-^es Of Federal civil aervan U would be Continued during the war. i NOW THIY WANT PBAC* Now they send pa Mihieta around '^ aning for a peace conference— lluy l A^uldn I tru At Hitler t*o years «i KO. ar« pot doing enough and l l t W — y « 40 pettataf.^ Those two «xtp«BMt «ug Bl'to-d Mlci their criticism , that was. Chambers referred to his (Djj- ponent's statements that Canada I was not prepared when war was de- clared. SO fimrs easier -jh'irf wave tunm(^Plug-in for ^4 4Q Vktrok ettachfnem * #1 l Oa OU • The Globe Trotter Smact new continental design, edge Ughted, Rtraight line dial set at a c«nv«- . Finger- tip twiinfl afid tone control on either ^ CKj CT ORIA) LTD HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY THIRD FLOOR PILLINO — Many frlendit from i Nap^itno and the city atrmded thr 'fuheral of Robert I'li.iu^ iieid j-cs- I Tenjay afternoon from Hayward* B Ci runeral ^hajiel. Hupii Me Leod coftd Tucted the service, an i hymn.s 'I^Kindly Lls[ht." and "Abljje With Me" were

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