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Call your client and delay the job deadline for one whole day and do 1.

The exact text in the message box may differ, depending on where in V-Ray the error occurred.

the program tried to read/write from this address, but the OS didn't allow).

In looking over all the bug reports I have of the past few weeks - they are all identical. 0x000000000DAAB72F is the address of the called function on the stack, 0x C0000005 is what caused the exception (eg.

Here is the pertainaint info from the C4D Bug report. Of course I'll find the problem in the last place I look... In looking over all the bug reports I have of the past few weeks - they are all identical. chase Sorry, the only people that can help your are MAXON but as your are on R13 any bug won't be fixed. But they may be able to help you sort exactly what's happening. Either way i already sent you a PM a couple of hours ago.

Application Info { CINEMA_4D_Version: 13.061 Memory(Global): 689747441 Memory(Global Peak): 690183500 Memory(Total): 65832 Memory(Current): 2634 Memory(Low Mem Cnt): 0 Debug Mode: Off Exception Call_Stacks { Call_Stack_Thread_1816 { advancedrender.cdl64: 000000000DAAB72F advancedrender.cdl64: 000000000DABB39C advancedrender.cdl64: 000000000DAB2B22 advancedrender.cdl64: 000000000DA71888 CINEMA 4D 64 Bit.exe: 00000001402E4FD8 CINEMA 4D 64 Bit.exe: 00000001402A8C29 CINEMA 4D 64 Bit.exe: 00000001403BC279 CINEMA 4D 64 Bit.exe: 00000001404A3A7D CINEMA 4D 64 Bit.exe: 0000000140D4635E advancedrender.cdl64: 000000000DACECB4 advancedrender.cdl64: 000000000DAC8E1D advancedrender.cdl64: 000000000DAC284F advancedrender.cdl64: 000000000DABDFA3 advancedrender.cdl64: 000000000DACF6EF advancedrender.cdl64: 000000000DB1959A CINEMA 4D 64 Bit.exe: 0000000140D24C3E CINEMA 4D 64 Bit.exe: 0000000140D5E798 CINEMA 4D 64 Bit.exe: 0000000140577342 CINEMA 4D 64 Bit.exe: 00000001409DA407 CINEMA 4D 64 Bit.exe: 00000001409DA4D5 kernel32.dll: 0000000077D6B6DA Base Thread Start Variables Could be I didn't allocate enough memory for C4D in the settings perhaps...? I've been testing/trouble shooting the hardware and OS for integrity and to see if there were any hidden issues. :) lol chase Exception Call_Stacks { Call_Stack_Thread_1816 { advancedrender.cdl64: 000000000DAAB72F The crash is the advancedrender, the crash address listed is: Address = 0x000000000DAAB72F which is the first line in the stack above. All you can try and do is find out what in your scene/render triggers is. Besides, I've been pushing this comp way past it's prime for a few years now. I'm going to hold out till R16 which shouldn't be that far off. Not trying to argue semantics here, but I think that is what I stated. Cheers Bjrn Hey Srek - I found that info pretty much everywhere. "You went to work for Maxon as tech support" I don't know, saw it in several places. By the time I Googled the apps ( I didn't want 10 year old apps) and looked them over via my phone, it was gooone! I got to see it for all of maybe 5 to ten minutes before it was out the door.

Though I've got the latest for my GPU, (NVidia 9800GT which it was a NVidia btw) I'm going to take a closer look at the drivers as well.

One other thing that was mentioned was the gpu drivers - Dell wasn't, isn't the best at updating drivers, especially for this comp.

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And as I pointed out, I'm going to be updating to R16 when released as well as getting a new comp. It is good to know that Maxon has a good following and is willing to support older versions, and I'm glad you point it out. Best, -Niklas Kinda the lines I was thinking along, or that something else was trying to write to it at the same time.

You guys have happy holidays, I've got more to do here. I'm not a production company, not under the gun with a deadline as I have been before. And it was pointed out as I realize - this is R13, they are at R15 now and moving ahead to R16. I seldom need full on tech support and for those that do, of course I don't want them to get the wrong impression. If and when I get up and running and make a dime off any of this software and hardware I've spend a fortune on, If I need it, it's nice to know it's there. Happy Holidays to you, chase If something altered your kernel32.dll, you probably wouldn't be able to use any program.

I'll fix it myself with help of forums or do or die coding. I've been off my comp for over a year now, just now in the past few weeks getting back on it, relearning all again, taking some programing courses at MIT. Again, I am glad to hear Maxon is very accomidating to it's customers. I've grown to be pretty layed back when it comes to software issues.

Way beyond what you'd find on the typical user's comp. I'm thinking the exception would be indicated in the next paragraphs after the 0x C0000005 Access Violation is shown. You need to look a little further down, for the call stacks for any running threads. The key note of my statement is: hence no further support is given. You can call tech support and they will try help you. You can call tech support and they will try help you. I'll fix it myself with help of forums or do or die coding. And having been through this with too many apps - and Hardware. I just ate 0 from Tiger Direct on HD's going being bad... They claimed I wa 30 minutes past the exchange time limit. lol - I was scurring for every usb - portable drive I could find. And right now I have another comp - this one playing hell Wanna tip - DO NOT INSTALL Lavasoft Ad-Aware. So far the log files show nothing happening in the system, or software logs.

The Win OS on this comp is highly optimized and stripped down. It normally runs like a bat out of hell for what it is. Anyhow If you can direct me as to what to look for in the Bug report - I can get it taken care of. Almost forgot to meniton - I'm using C4D R13 tia chase I'm thinking the exception would be indicated in the next paragraphs after the 0x C0000005 Access Violation is shown. The exception will tell you which thread caused it, so look for the stack list of that and it is the top one; it will tell you the address for the exception which is then also shown by the stack trace text. I was dupted into that with MS - a month later and discovering 0 tagged onto my credit card. Here it is in MAXONS own words: At MAXON we offer FREE technical support for a 12-month period after purchase. See if I forgot to turn something off that might be poping up or a conflict is arising.

Oh yeah, do you have some backups before it started to crashing?

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