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Cupid’s here to help you find the positives in a failed relationship: 1.You’ll realize there was a reason you broke-up in the first place: During a break-up, your emotions may have been getting in the way of your logical thinking.Fox New: You mentioned in a previous interview that this recent season featuring Nick Viall had too much sexuality.Fedotowsky: I think it's unfortunate because I felt some of the girls thought they had to show their bodies and be overly sexual in order to win the affections of a man. I was never angry at any of the girls for doing it. FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE ENTERTAINMENT NEWS Fox News: Was there a specific moment that made you feel ‘The Bachelor’ took things too far?

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Now engaged to Kevin Manno, the father of her baby girl, Molly, Fedotowsky claimed her engagement to Martinez was the most successful relationship of her life because she learned so much about herself.Related Link: Celebrity News: First Black ‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay Hopes People ‘Rally Behind’ Her 2.You’ll feel free: No happy relationship ends in a break-up.Ali Fedotowsky: Gosh, well my life has changed a ton! but really, everything is about [my daughter] Molly. She’s still not sleeping through the night, she’ll wake up three to five times a night, which is hard. FORMER 'BACHELORETTE' ALI FEDOTOWSKY: '95 PERCENT' OF 'BACH' STARS HAVE SEX Molly's face when I told her a human-sized bunny is going to bring her a basket full of goodies this Easter 😳😂 Ha! I've teamed up with @Incredible Egg to create an Easter guide on my blog on how to create beautifully decorated eggs and I'm sharing some yummy family brunch recipes! Ali (link in bio) #Easter #Egg Decorating #Egg Art #Glitter Eggs #Brown Egg Decorating #Egg Tattoos #Polka Dot Eggs #Babys First Easter #Some Bunny Loves Me #Ali Luvs #Incredible Edible Egg #Sponsored A post shared by Ali Fedotowsky-Manno (@alifedotowsky) on Fox News: When did you realize that your husband was The One? I mean, as soon as we started dating, everything was easy. I'm a newlywed and nauseatingly mushy about my new husband! @Kevin Manno is pretty awesome 😉And I wish I could wear this @alvinavalenta dress from @jlmboutique everyday!I also wrote about family traditions we want to start with Molly. Life is hard, but if you’re with the right person, it just becomes a little easier. With Kevin [Manno], I would never question what he’s doing. Related Link: Celebrity News: Did ‘Bachelor’ Alum Amanda Stanton Just Call Out Ex Josh Murray on Twitter? You’ll learn what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger: Nobody said break-ups were easy; but time truly does heal all wounds.

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