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“So this is a great way to say, ‘Hey, this is what I do.Chuck Wicks was born in the community of Smyrna, Delaware, where he was raised on a potato farm. In January 2009, his charity concert in his hometown of Smyrna raised ,000 for the Smyrna-Clayton Boys and Girls Club.Wanting to pursue a career in country music, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee after quitting college two classes short of graduation from Florida Southern College.He then began to hone his songwriting skills, penning more than one hundred songs per year at one point, and one of his songs, "Lead Me On", was recorded by Steve Holy on his 2006 album Brand New Girlfriend.“This time it’s a little more personal,” Wicks said. I want to prove to her that I can do this, and I think, vice versa.” And Wicks admits that the exposure he’s getting on the show is a huge opportunity to win over new fans.

They announced a mutual break-up on November 10, 2009.Wicks and Hough have been dating for nine months and are paired together on the show.On Tuesday’s episode, after the pair finished their dance, he got down on one knee, sparking a bit of engagement buzz — show host Samantha Harris even asked Wicks if he had anything to announce to the audience (he said no). Wicks has now performed a waltz, a salsa, a foxtrot, a lindy hop and a Viennese waltz on the show with Hough.Hough, who danced with her boyfriend, country singer Chuck Wicks, this season, now says she in Eight weeks in and Dancing With the Stars is down to five... Unfortunately, only five performed tonight because late-preseason addition Melissa Rycroft of Bachelor and now ballroom fame had to sit out Monday—which also LOS ANGELES (AP) — After weeks of dismal scores, Steve-O was booted from the "Dancing With the Stars" ballroom Tuesday.Chuck Wicks and Julianne Hough aren’t engaged, but the country singer admits that performing with his girlfriend on “Dancing With The Stars” could be good preparation for a wedding day dance."Julianne is actually my date tonight, so it`s all good man," Wicks told ET.

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