Who is julio iglesias jr dating

However, he has insisted once again that they have no plans to tie the knot. There comes a point when you've been with someone for a certain amount of time that I believe that you are like, married," he insisted."I guess the only difference is that we haven't walked down the aisle." Enrique is currently promoting the remix of his song Subeme La Radio, which features Sean Paul and Matt Terry, the winner of Britain's The X Factor in 2016, and he told Britain's Daily Star newspaper he had no problem working with a singer who found fame on a TV talent show.His second wife is Miranda Rijnsburger, a former Dutch model who is 23 years his junior. She lived in Amsterdam and had a boyfriend but I invited her to visit me in Miami. I knew she would be my wife."His relationship with his older children has sometimes seemed distant.

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But you cannot go from door to door saying, 'Look, it's not true what the papers say' and so the fantasy goes on."His first marriage to Isabel Preysler, a Filipina TV presenter related to Spanish nobility, produced three children - Isabel (known as Chabeli), now 42, Julio Junior, 41 and Enrique 38 - but ended in 1979 after eight years, supposedly because of his infidelities, which allegedly included Diana Ross, Priscilla Presley and Bianca Jagger. I arranged to send flowers - oldfashioned, very romantic. It turns out he means Miranda wanted to test the relationship before committing."After five years she says 'Let's prove more.'"After the last baby I said, 'Enough! ' But I have been mar- ried to her since the first time I saw her.

But the love I feel is the same for all of them."You know, I see Enrique only one or two times a year because he is going all over the world."Sometimes we follow each other's plane. I am very privileged because my kids have amazing lives."Julio's own father was also a hard act to follow. "Julio Iglesias performs at the Royal Albert Hall on May 13 and 19. His album 1 The Collection is released on May 19 by Sony Music.

I land somewhere and they tell me, 'Oh your son will land in one hour' and I wait for him."But if they tell Enrique I will land in one hour he doesn't wait for me. Julio senior was an eminent gynaecologist in Madrid who was 90 when he fathered his last child."I miss him very much.

The phone rings and I've barely got a syllable out before he is firing questions at me, without even saying "hello". "It's beautiful, the water temperature is 28 degrees. I live here 60 or 70 days of the year because I have my recording studio here."The rest of the time I am in Miami or Spain or all over. I must have a big injection every day."It is a privilege for me to play all these beautiful places all over the world. I don't feel secure when I am asleep."Perhaps what drives him is the fact that his entire career is a fluke.

He is calling from his home in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic where he has many property investments and part owns the airport with couturier Oscar de la Renta."Have you been here? People invite me to sing there and then they do something even more generous - they invite you to sing again. At school he says he couldn't even get into the choir.

"It's tough to be an artist and get signed to a record company these days," he explained.

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