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Many of our recreational activities should actually have a purpose, a goal.

We should consider our philosophy about recreation. Some think that recreation is simply idleness, not working.

That is what happens to families when we do not put forth effort; families deteriorate, lose energy, and even drift apart.

An example of entropy in families is when we let external or selfish activities determine what we do instead of applying healthy principles. Chapter Fourteen of that book focuses on the following phrase from the Proclamation: Successful marriages and families are established and maintained on principles of...wholesome recreational activities (The Family: A Proclamation to the World, ¶ 7). It is true that spontaneous, fun activities do happen in our families.

And, of course, we should not participate in most wholesome recreational activities on the Sabbath.

Some of the principles that can help guide us in our family recreation include We do make a difference in our families.

Therapeutic and Support groups Educational groups are designed to assist individuals in broadening their understanding on a specific issue or area of concern.

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As I sat in a hair salon recently the conversation by the chatty and vociferous ladies turned to marriage.

Some people think that recreational activities are those things we do to relax and not work when, in fact, wholesome family recreation may take a great deal of effort and planning to accomplish. We certainly should be open and flexible to the point that we can enjoy those activities that "just happen." However we can't count on those activities happening very often.

We do need to intentionally plan and schedule recreation with our family.

On hearing that I was a Marriage Coach, one lady asked, “What are the reasons the Bible gives for leaving my husband?

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