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There is a weekly cap to the amount of Conquest Points you can earn that is related to your Arena Rating and Rated Battleground Rating, but there’s no limit to the amount you can have at one time.

You purchase Conquest gear from the The first change is great for people who only run battlegrounds, and for people gearing up alts.

PVE GEAR IN PVP Generally speaking, I don’t like having lots of Pv E gear in Pv P.

You need a lot of Resilience to stay alive and do your job, and too much Pv E gear dilutes it.

Getting the 2-piece bonus should be your priority if you are only getting a few crafted pieces because of the 400 Resilience bonus.

Last season’s crafted pieces (blue gear with no set bonuses) are no longer available, as the patterns have been replaced with the new Bloodthirsty versions. If you have any of the old gear (like a Fireweave Robe), replace it with the new crafted Bloodthirsty gear right now.It provides a way to put Pv P gear in every slot to get Resilience up, and provides a level playing field for Pv P.The challenge it introduces, of course, is that those weapons are This change could potentially drive people into Pv P just to gear up their characters for raids, which is – in part – why we have the second change, requiring players to grind out a certain amount of Honor Points before they can get them.Endgame Pv P is designed around a certain amount of Resilience gear, and while you might do okay in Pv E epics, your survivability will be low.Let’s take a look at what you can get in Season 10 from Pv P.If you’ve never been in these locations before, the picture above shows the Stormwind vendor layout, and below is the Orgrimmar layout.

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