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After leaving “Scrubs” in 2010 he took on a few more film roles, and a cameo appearance on “Scrubs” creator Bill Lawrence’s follow-up show “Cougar Town”.“Cougar Town” is a show that suffers from having a bad title, once you get past the first season it really is more like “Scrubs” than people think.But when the relationship ended, it was “a bummer.” She says the split was the icing on a “the really bad cake. Zach Braff has done it all, well he’s done those three things so he’s no superman.The following year he appeared in an episode of “The Baby-sitters Club” and finished off his early acting career with a role of Woody Allen’s son in “Manhatten Murder Mystery”.He returned to school in the mid nineties to study film at Northwestern University in Chicago.It’s my point of view and my experience.” Moore, who is often mum about her private life says that she couldn’t help making a personal album.

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Of her romance with Braff, she adds: “We weren’t like a big ‘going out’ couple.

Both films were poorly received by critics, and neither made back their budget at the box office.

He also had many guest roles on television, such as “Arrested Development” and “Clone High”.

His brother, Joshua Braff, is an author with several acclaimed books under his belt.

Even when he was young Zach Braff wanted to be a film-maker. He first entered the industry in 1989, appearing in an unaired pilot called “High” alongside Gwyneth Paltrow and Craig Ferguson.

The cast was fantastic though, break out characters like Dr Perry Cox, the hilarious jerk with a heart of Gold, or the ensemble dark horse of The Janitor.

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