If you are certain that you need such a large file, click the DOWNLOAD button to begin.If you do not wish to download the large TIFF, just click the × in the top right-hand corner to close this alert.An aardvark was killed and four meerkats are missing trusted dead after a burst tore through piece of London Zoo at an opportune time Saturday, wrecking a bistro and blessing shop.The fire broke out not long after 0600 GMT at the zoo’s Animal Adventure segment before spreading to the shop and bistro, close to a zone where guests can deal with and nourish creatures, the zoo and London Fire Brigade said.You’ll avoid the achy legs whinging and get to see all the best bits of London including Big Ben, The Tower of London, The London Eye and Buckingham Palace.

My little ankle biters absolutely love heading into London.

Both sloths were rejected by their parents at birth and hand-reared by keepers at their respective zoos; now they are all grown up and looking for love.

At Newquay Zoo, Roxy has been living on her own for the past few years, while Hadar lived with his twin, Hildor.

And it is especially to find love with Cornwall's very own Hoffman's two-toed sloth Roxy.

After several months of searching, the zoo found Hadar after matching the pair through the international zoo dating system, the European Studbook.

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